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I love to spend time in nature. Cherishing images come to mind at such a time,
I compose my original piano music out of trivial things of everyday life.


I'm from Yokohama. I began to play the piano at the age of three and I
started to make music for fun in my childhood.
Graduated from Musashino Music University, instrumental music dept (piano).
Graduated from Pan School of Music, music composition/arrangement dept.
Performed in the Amateur Concert on the recommendation of Kanagawa
Kenritsu Ongakudo.
Worked as a Yamaha Music Education System teacher and then worked for
a CM Music Production Company.
Due to poor health, I started to work freelance at my own pace.
During the time, I took stock of my life.
Getting back on my feet, I resumed composing music.
I have composed original piano music and have released 6 albums as follows.

Sept.,2012: "Looking up at the blue sky"
Feb., 2014: "The Soft Scenery"
Nov., 2014: "323 eight dreams"
Jun., 2015: "If you feel like going to a forest,…"
         〜 when your heart feels a little heavy 〜
Nov., 2015: "Nostalgia"
Nov., 2016: "Relaxation Time 〜 In the Fantasy World 〜"
Dec., 2017: "Merry Christmas-To A Forest Christmas-"
Dec., 2017: "If you feel like going to a forest, ... 2"
Jul., 2019: After saying ”Good-bye”

The tracks from these albums are broadcast on:
* iTunes、Amazon、Spotify
* radio & TV
* the ANA International in-flight audio program.
They are also played as background music in hospitals,
in one of the important cultural properties of Japan and Shikoku Seiyo Geopark.

2015: Certified Forest Therapist
2016: Shikoku Seiyo Geopark Music Contest
   Received the excellent work prize for "A warm sunny time"
   (3 other pieces were also chosen out of 2187 entries)
   Mr. Nobuo Uematsu was the head judge who is one of the
   most famous and respected video game composers, best known
   for scoring the majority of titles in the Final Fantasy series.
2017:BIGUP! Charafre Game Music Contest
   Received a honorable mention for my piece.